Electronic Engineer

Superpack is the leading global battery manufacturer providing lithium-ion solutions that offer world-class performance tailored to applications in the industrial and energy markets. We are seeking an experienced Electronic Engineer to join our company.

Job Responsibilities
1. Responsible for the hardware principle design of the protection board and the selection of technical solutions;
2. Responsible for new product PCB LAYOUT, prototype production, debugging and verification;
3. Collection of relevant technical data and compilation of design documents;
4. Solve the problems existing in the circuit design.
5. Coordinate and complete the processing, testing, verification and debugging of the hardware, and solve the EMC problem of the hardware circuit board.
6. Guide, assist, and cooperate with relevant departments to complete the procurement, testing and production of battery packs;

1. Electronic, electrical, automation and other related majors, college degree or above, 3 years or above work experience,
2. Proficiency in using Altium Designer design software to design circuit schematics and PCBs;
3. Proficient in analog circuits and digital circuits, with proficient circuit principle analysis ability and circuit principle application ability;
4. There are cases of projects or products that have been completed independently and successfully, and can independently complete product testing and debugging;
5. Experience in designing lithium battery protection boards, BMS, new energy vehicles, inverters, and chargers is preferred;

Salary: 10K~20K

Superpack offer a highly competitive compensation and benefits package and a relaxed work environment. If interested, indicate your salary expectation and availability within a cover page and submit along with your resume by e-mail to marketing@super-pack.com.cn please.  

Superpack is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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